Commitment, Community, Cooperation

About One Horizon


Our guiding image—our “one horizon”—is a society that works for everybody in it. We think of society as a vast commonwealth and each of us as equal participants in its risks and rewards. Working together as individuals and communities we can achieve a fair and sustainable human future.

We pursue our vision by:

  • Supporting community building through shared action and networks of mutual interest.
  • Providing resources to community-based non-profit organizations.

Working for Change

One Horizon resources the people we know who have a vision for their communities and who work hard to see them transformed. Since then we’ve helped dozens of organizations meet their challenges while contributing to the quality of life of the people around them.

We believe that lasting change occurs through personal initiative, shared lives, commitment to local places, and support for institutions that serve the greater good. Such community building energy is the sign of healthy societies. It also provides the social underpinning for healthy political and economic development. This energetic part of our societies is often called “civil society.” And strengthening civil society is the focus of our attention.

One Horizon engages civil society through our own initiatives, through grants and assistance to innovative organizations, and through cooperative networks and coalitions. We embrace shared interests, combined efforts and mutual concerns. And we work to overcome the excessively competitive partisan interests that divide us.

We work through a growing and established network of relationships among friends and organizations that we know and trust. Please be aware that we generally do not invite cold contact grant requests from those we don’t know, but we are happy to talk to you about interests that we may share in common. Just hit “contact” to get in touch with us.

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