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The Gospel According to St. Franchise

In Culture, One Horizon on July 17, 2013 at 2:07 pm

OHI Fellow Releases New E-Book


On July 4, 2013, OHI fellow Billy Kenney released his first book entitled, “The Gospel According to Saint Franchise,” through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This book is a satire based on the Gospel of Matthew. It follows Jesus and his disciples on a darkly humorous journey as God reveals his true desire for the future of the people of Israel. By faithfully abiding temptation and trial Jesus has demonstrated his worthiness and is now prepared to claim his proper title of Messiah, and his rightful place as the unquestioned hegemon of world affairs. “Tell me Son, how can the mite of a widow ever possibly compare with the might of an army?” asks God. Thus begins Jesus’ quest to use all possible means available to him to make sure that Israel becomes the most resplendent empire that the world ever has or ever will see. He is Saint Franchise, the brand above all brands who will bring hegemony over the entire earth in the name above all names!

“I wrote this book as a way to help draw out the very stark contrast that I see between many of our modern western values and ideals, and the story of Jesus,” says Kenney. “So, in this sense, it is an attempt to invite people to critically reflect upon how cultural values and ideals deeply influence and often deform or pervert our understanding of Christian identity and practice,” he said. The book’s cover features a work of art that was done by OHI’s Steve Pavey, who also did the cover design. It is available for download to all Kindle or Kindle compatible devices here

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