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In Gregory Leffel on December 6, 2017 at 3:56 pm



1968: The revolution that will not die 

How conservatives won the counter-revolution after 1968—and how they might lose.

Will Cuba become a test case for a post-postmodern future? 

GREGORY LEFFEL 25 March 2018

Metamodern mindfulness offers a new way of thinking about the ideological conflicts of the past.

Is catastrophe the only cure for the weakness of radical politics? 

GREGORY LEFFEL 21 January 2018

The left’s problem isn’t politics–it’s metaphysics 

How can liberals and progressives learn to feel differently about identity?

Is Christianity finished as a source of inspiration for progressive social change? 

GREGORY LEFFEL 12 November 2017

Whatever the emerging world becomes, it will need a new consciousness to guide it, especially if we want that world to be a good one.

The death and life of liberation theology 

GREGORY LEFFEL 22 October 2017

A generation of radical theologians from Latin America is passing away. What does their legacy mean for the rest of the world? Español Português





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