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The Immigrant Industrial Complex: America, You Must be Born Again! – By Steve Pavey, Ph.D.

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PRISM Magazine (March/April 2013)


But what can I—or any of us citizens without real political power—do? According to Steve Pavey, our cover story writer who has been fighting alongside undocumented immigrants for the last three years, it’s not complicated. We can walk in solidarity with them, acknowledge our common humanity, and recognize christ in them.

“As i live and work with undocu- mented migrants,” says Pavey, “I’m with Jesus. I’ve learned that they do not need saving—I do! The biggest challenge for me is facing my own complicity in a global political-economic order that sins against migrants everyday. Standing against this system—which benefits me—will necessitate suffering and solidarity with the least of these.”

“Solidarity,” he continues, “asks not what we can do for them but whether we are willing to walk the road with them.  Herein lies the opportunity to walk with Christ.”

– Reflections from the Editor, Kristyn Komarnicki

Read the Full Article here:

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