Commitment, Community, Cooperation

Working Together


Our world is made up of countless human communities. Many of these are religious, ethnic or political in nature. Most are concerned with local issues. Some are global in scope. All together these communities create a world of diversity that we respect and affirm.

Competing communities and their competing visions for the world often create conflict and hinder cooperation. We believe that by linking communities through shared action for the common good, instead of dividing our efforts along the lines of our competing beliefs, we can overcome conflict and find a way forward to a cooperative future. 

In saying this, we want to be clear about our own values. Our work is enriched by the Christian tradition, a tradition that itself exists as a global community with a long history of humanitarian service and concern.

At its best, our tradition encourages common work for the common good, enhancing cooperation rather than diminishing it. We refer to this shared participation in the common good as “missional ecumenism” and practice it as faithfully as we can.

One Horizon is committed to a cooperative global future shared by Christians, other faith communities, and those communities defined by issues that have little to do with faith at all. We are happy to work with those who share very different perspectives as we all embrace our responsibilities for ethical and cooperative action

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