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“Kilowatt Ours”

In Environmental on September 22, 2010 at 3:29 pm

"Kilowatt Ours" director Jeff Barrie

[Originally posted March 29, 2009]

One Horizon was honored to help bring Jeff Barrie, director of the acclaimed documentary “Kilowatt Ours,” to Lexington to participate in a screening of his film that was hosted at the Kentucky Theatre by The Sayre School. The film was followed in the evening by a conversation between Jeff Barrie, representatives from the Kentucky Environmental Foundation and other local leaders about the issues facing our region in the domain of energy policy and clean energy. One Horizon is a committed partner with these and other local, regional and national organizations in the quest to find cleaner, more sustainable and less environmentally destructive sources of energy for our region. We’ve joined with them to help promote solutions-focused conversation, research and practical action designed to raise awareness about these important issues and empower people at the grassroots level to get involved.

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